Since early 1992, AMDA Bangladesh has been performing mainly emergency health care services and post emergency rehabilitation activities to victims of natural disasters in Bangladesh.

1. Voluntary health care services (de-worming campaign) and health education for Myanmar Refugees at Cox's Bazaar in 1992 for 1-1/2 years

2. Emergency Medical aid for tornado victims in Tangail and Jamalpur in May, 1996 for 3 months

3. Mobile Boat Clinic in Austogram, Kishoreganj District in 1997 for 2 years

4. 260 Tube Well project for cyclone-affected people in Chittagong in 1996

5. Satellite Free Friday Clinic in 10 Slums in Dhaka since 1997

6. Emergency Relief and Medical Services to flood Victims in Gazaria, Munshigang District and Kishoreganj District in 1998

7. Post Emergency Rehabilitation activities for flood victims in Gazaria Upazila, Munshiganj District in January, 1999 for 6 months

8. Micro Credit Program for 2,000 beneficiaries in Gazaria, Munshiganj District from 1999 to the present (on-going project)

9. AMDA Vocational Training Centre and Flood Shelter in Gazaria, Munshiganj District (mainly a vocational training program for low-income groups to create self-employment in sewing, handicrafts, basic computer, carpentry, welding, fisheries and poultry, and agriculture), established in 2002 (on-going project)

10. AMDA Health Centre in Gazaria, Munshiganj District established in 2002 (on-going project)